Beyond Land : Best Scuba Diving Spots For Beginners - Have a look at them

By Voyage Roams

October 22, 2023

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is an interesting water sport and is loved by many but for beginners it might not be easy to start. So we present some of the beginner friendly diving spots.

Great Barrier Reef - Australia

It is an world heritage site and has and is the largest reef in the world. It's an appropriate place for advanced and beginner divers.

Belize - Barrier Reef Reserve System

This diving spot is famous for it's blue hole and people love to experience best diving. For beginners there are more diving spots near that region.

Aruba - Caribbean Sea

It is one of the most favored diving destination with wrecks nearshore. And is an suitable place to spend time with your loved one's.

Indonesia - Scuba Diving In Bali 

There are a wide range of islands present in Indonesia. And has a lot of diving spots so you won't get disappointed after visiting there.

Scuba Diving

All these diving spots are beginner friendly so that it won't get scary for beginners to start their exciting diving journey.

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