South Pacific Unexplored Islands Which Are Hidden Gems - Let's explore them

By Voyage Roams

October 22, 2023


South Pacific regions consists of many popular and some of the unknown Islands that are covered by beach and are mesmerizing. Let's have a look.

Tuvalu's Funafuti Atoll

This is an amazing and beautiful small island which is just 10 square miles in area. Only 1600 visits this beautiful every year.

Solomon Island's Guadalcanal

This beautiful island is just 3 hours away from the east coast. The views at the place are breathtaking.

French Polynesia's Huahine

Huahine is an amazing place to visit similar to Bora Bora and has small villages and lush forests makes this place a must visit.


This is an empty island and is one of the world's smallest country with almost no visitors. If you love to enjoy me time then it might be a good option for you.


The islands mentioned in the story have limited population and tourists visitors and have some amazing locations, so you can visit them.

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