These Active Volcanoes Are Worth Watching - Have a look at them

By Voyage Roams

October 30,, 2023

Active Volcanoes

If you love thriller adventurous ride then the following volcanoes can be an great option to visit with some safety precautions.

Piton De La Fournaise - Reunion, France

This volcano is located in France and erupts after 9 months interval. It's 2,631 meters in height. It is approximately 500,000 years old.

Mount Aso - Kyushu, Japan

This is the largest volcano in Japan and has an height of 1,592 meters approximately. It is situated at the center of Kyushu Island.

White Island - Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand

It is located in the Northern coast of New Zealand. It is also called as 'Whakaari' according to the local language. 

Mount Stromboli - Aolian Islands, Italy

This volcano has been erupting from last 2000 years. It is located in southern Italy. It lastly erupted on July 2019.

Active Volcanoes

These volcano sites have amazing visuals but to visit there you must plan everything properly specially related to your safety.

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