Unusual Places to Stay around the world: Unique and extraordinary Accommodations

By Voyage Roams

October 24,, 2023

Underwater rooms

Get ready to stay in treehouse hideaway to underwater rooms as we take a look at some of the unique stays.


Treehouse Escapes is one of the best experience to have as the house is Nestled in the treetops.

Ice room

Stay in the unique ice room where every room is made up of frozen ice art in snowy landscape which are ice hotels.

floating Villas

If you want to take experience of luxury you can visit private floating Villas, A true oasis of serenity.

Cave Dwellings

For a cozy and captivating experience you can visit Cave Dwellings in which you have to stay in ancient cave homes.

Space Age Stays

Space Age Stays is one of the Unique ideas where you can stay and sleep among the stars and be a astronaut.

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