Visiting Some Of The Authentic Tribes Across The Globe - Let's checkout

By Voyage Roams

October 28,, 2023

Authentic Tribes

You can reconnect with old traditions and beliefs by visiting some of the authentic tribes present in the world. Let's look some of them.

Haida Tribe Of Canada

The people live here are called Haida and they live on the west coast of British Columbia. And the population here is just 500. So it can be an good option to visit.

The Taos Of New Mexico, USA

The people here are called Taos and have unique multi floor buildings in the deserts made from mud. It's an good option to visit these 1000 year old homes

The Masai Of Kenya & Tanzania

They are known as fierce warriors and their traditional jumping dance is quite famous. They do farming and herding. 

The Dayak Of Borneo

The people here are called Dayak. They live at the Borneo island. They have long houses, basketry artifacts and amazing wooden carvings.

Authentic Tribes

These tribes are some of the rare one's and every tribe has their own unique tradition, living, and working lifestyle. You can visit these places for adventure.

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