15 Best Places to Live in Virginia

Virginia, with its diverse landscapes and rich history, has become one of the most sought-after places for prospective home buyers. Its wide range of communities, from bustling urban centers to serene coastal towns, offers a unique blend of culture, entertainment, and beauty. If you’re considering making a move, here are some of the most attractive places to live in Virginia.

See The List below For The 15 Best Places to Live in Virginia;

1. Alexandria

15 Best Places to Live in Virginia

Alexandria, steeped in historical significance, is more than just a pretty face. Its waterfront beauty, cobblestone streets, and meticulously preserved 18th and 19th-century architecture make it stand out. Beyond aesthetics, Alexandria offers a vast array of local attractions. The Torpedo Factory Art Center, for instance, showcases the talents of hundreds of artists, bringing vibrancy and creativity to the waterfront. For families, the school systems in Alexandria are rated highly, with institutions dedicated to academic excellence.

Housing, though on the pricier side, provides a diverse range of options from traditional townhomes to modern apartments. Employment opportunities, especially in government sectors and services, make Alexandria one of the top places to live in Virginia for young professionals.

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2. Arlington

15 Best Places to Live in Virginia

Just across the river from Washington D.C., Arlington is the ideal mix of urban and suburban life. It’s a hub for government jobs due to its proximity to the capital. The nightlife in Arlington is vibrant with a myriad of bars, restaurants, and cultural events happening throughout the year. But it’s not all about work and entertainment.

The schools in Arlington are known for their commitment to educational quality, making it a sought-after location for families. Affordable housing, combined with a plethora of job opportunities, adds to Arlington’s charm.

3. Charlottesville

15 Best Places to Live in Virginia

Charlottesville is a blend of academic prestige and scenic tranquility. Home to the esteemed University of Virginia, it’s no surprise that this town prioritizes education. Beyond the classrooms, Charlottesville is famous for its arts, culture, and festivals. The annual Virginia Film Festival, for example, attracts thousands of cinema enthusiasts.

Nestled amongst rolling hills and wineries, outdoor activities are plentiful, from hiking trails to vineyard tours. The job market, buoyed by the university and health sectors, offers stability to its residents. The housing market, with its mix of historic homes and contemporary apartments, provides options for all, making it one of the quintessential places to live in Virginia.

4. Richmond

15 Best Places to Live in Virginia

As Virginia’s capital city, Richmond radiates historical charm. The city played pivotal roles throughout American history, from the Revolutionary War to the Civil Rights Movement. This rich heritage is reflected in its architecture and numerous museums. But Richmond isn’t trapped in the past. A thriving arts scene, epitomized by the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, brings modern vibrancy.

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Various neighborhoods, from the historic Church Hill to the eclectic Carytown, offer diverse living options. Richmond’s job market, led by sectors like finance and health care, combined with a reasonable cost of living, ensures it remains one of the top places to live in Virginia.

5. Virginia Beach

15 Best Places to Live in Virginia

Virginia Beach promises coastal living at its finest. The city, famous for its sandy shores, is an oasis for beach lovers. But there’s more than just the beach. Local amenities, from top-tier restaurants to shopping centers, ensure residents have everything they need. Schools in Virginia Beach are known for their commitment to excellence, providing a robust foundation for the city’s youth.

Safety and community engagement are prioritized, with numerous neighborhood events fostering a sense of belonging. For those looking for a mix of urban amenities with coastal serenity, Virginia Beach stands out as one of the prime places to live in Virginia.

6. Fairfax

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A suburban gem, Fairfax is renowned for seamlessly blending modernity with tradition. Located just outside Washington D.C., it offers residents the luxury of a tranquil living environment, all while being a stone’s throw away from the bustling capital. Fairfax has established itself as an educational haven. Its schools are top-rated, driven by a dedication to fostering a nurturing and academically challenging environment.

The city, rich in parks and recreational spaces, often sees families and individuals basking in the outdoors, be it for weekend picnics or organized community events. Housing in Fairfax offers a spectrum of choices, from single-family homes to chic apartments, catering to diverse preferences. Its strategic location, coupled with a strong local economy, ensures Fairfax firmly holds its spot as one of the key places to live in Virginia.

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7. Williamsburg

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Time travel is possible in Williamsburg, a city that lets you step into the pages of history. Known for its beautifully preserved colonial architecture and landmarks, Williamsburg serves as a living museum. The Historic Triangle, comprising Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg, and Yorktown, offers immersive experiences where history comes alive.

Beyond its historical allure, Williamsburg boasts an array of modern amenities. Its educational system is robust, with the College of William & Mary adding academic gravitas. Numerous festivals, celebrating everything from art to food, dot the city’s calendar, ensuring there’s never a dull moment. Housing, while reflecting the colonial charm, offers modern comforts, making Williamsburg one of the must-consider places to live in Virginia for history enthusiasts.

8. Roanoke

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Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Roanoke is a city where nature and urban life converge beautifully. Often dubbed the “Magic City,” Roanoke promises a myriad of outdoor adventures. From hiking the iconic McAfee Knob to biking along the Roanoke Valley Greenways, the city is a paradise for nature enthusiasts.

Roanoke’s downtown is a pulsating hub of art, music, and culinary delights, with events like the Roanoke Festival in the Park drawing in both locals and tourists. The local economy, anchored by sectors like health care and retail, offers a stable job market. As for housing, whether it’s mountain-view homes or downtown apartments, Roanoke presents a variety, further cementing its place as one of the top places to live in Virginia.

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9. Chesapeake

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A city that wears its heart on its sleeve, Chesapeake is all about community, peace, and nature. With numerous parks, waterways, and the Great Dismal Swamp, it’s an ecological treasure, attracting nature lovers and adventurers alike. The city’s commitment to education is palpable, with its schools often earning accolades for academic excellence.

Community events, ranging from farmers’ markets to cultural festivals, foster a strong sense of belonging among the residents. The housing landscape in Chesapeake is diverse, with options ranging from waterfront properties to suburban homes, making it one of the tranquil places to live in Virginia.

10. Loudoun County

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Wine enthusiasts, rejoice! Loudoun County, fondly referred to as D.C.’s Wine Country, is a scenic masterpiece interspersed with vineyards and horse farms. Beyond its vinicultural allure, Loudoun offers a rich tapestry of experiences. Its educational institutions are top-tier, driven by innovation and a dedication to holistic learning.

Festivals celebrating the county’s wine, art, and history are frequent, ensuring a vibrant community life. The housing market, while reflecting Loudoun’s rustic charm, doesn’t compromise on modern comforts. Its balance of rural beauty and urban amenities makes Loudoun County one of the standout places to live in Virginia.

11. Norfolk

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A coastal city with a heartbeat synchronized to the rhythm of the sea, Norfolk is both vibrant and serene. As home to one of the largest naval bases in the world, it is undeniably steeped in military heritage. This heritage resonates through the Nauticus, a maritime museum with the USS Wisconsin as its crown jewel. Norfolk isn’t just about ships and history; it’s a cultural hub. The Chrysler Museum of Art stands testament to this, housing a vast collection that spans thousands of years.

Education in Norfolk is progressive, with institutions regularly innovating to offer the best to its students. The city’s waterfront, dotted with restaurants, cafes, and boutique stores, is a hive of activity, especially during the annual Harborfest. Diverse housing options, from contemporary apartments to historic homes, coupled with a robust job market, make Norfolk one of the most enticing places to live in Virginia.

12. Falls Church

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Tucked away in Northern Virginia, Falls Church is a blend of urban dynamism and suburban charm. With Washington D.C. just moments away, it’s a haven for those seeking proximity to the capital without the hustle and bustle. Education stands at the forefront in Falls Church, with schools that consistently rank among the best in the nation. The city, though small, is a cultural cauldron. Events like the Tinner Hill Blues Festival celebrate its rich history and diverse heritage.

A walk through the city will reveal an array of dining and shopping options, showcasing global influences. Housing in Falls Church ranges from vintage homes exuding old-world charm to modern apartments. Its strategic location, world-class amenities, and strong community vibe position Falls Church prominently among the places to live in Virginia.

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13. Blacksburg

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Blacksburg, Virginia” by Smash the Iron Cage is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Renowned as the home of Virginia Tech, Blacksburg thrives as an academic and research powerhouse. The town’s youthful energy is palpable, with students from diverse backgrounds adding to its vibrant tapestry. Beyond academia, Blacksburg is a realm of natural beauty, with the Blue Ridge Mountains offering picturesque vistas. Outdoor enthusiasts find solace in the numerous hiking, biking, and nature trails. The downtown area, bustling with cafes, bookstores, and boutiques, resonates with charm.

Community events, such as the International Street Fair and the Blacksburg Farmers Market, reinforce the town’s inclusive spirit. The housing landscape, enriched by both historical homes and contemporary condos, caters to varied tastes. A nurturing educational environment, a robust local economy, and the promise of scenic beauty make Blacksburg one of the prime places to live in Virginia.

14. McLean

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Bloomington Illinois – McLean County Courthouse – NRHP – Now a Museum” by Onasill – Bill Badzo – 149 Million Views – Thank Y is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Positioned along the Potomac River, McLean exudes affluence and elegance. Part of the Washington Metropolitan Area, it’s favored by diplomats, businessmen, and high-ranking government officials, given its proximity to the capital. McLean’s school system is exemplary, with institutions that are often cited among the best nationally. The city offers an array of recreational options, from upscale shopping centers like Tysons Corner to historical sites such as the Claude Moore Colonial Farm.

Green spaces are aplenty, with parks offering residents spots to relax and rejuvenate. Real estate in McLean is a mix of luxurious mansions, colonial homes, and modern apartments, catering to a discerning clientele. Its blend of urban sophistication, educational prowess, and serene landscapes secures McLean’s spot as one of the premier places to live in Virginia.

15. Fredericksburg

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A city where history whispers through the streets, Fredericksburg stands as a testament to Virginia’s rich past. Historic sites, such as the Mary Washington House and the Fredericksburg Battlefield, transport visitors back in time. But Fredericksburg isn’t solely anchored in the past. The city’s downtown is a hub of activity, with artisan shops, restaurants, and galleries dotting its landscape. The Rappahannock River adds a touch of natural beauty, with residents often indulging in fishing, kayaking, and riverside picnics. Schools in Fredericksburg emphasize both academic and extracurricular excellence, ensuring a holistic upbringing for students.

The housing market is diverse, with options that reflect both the city’s history and its contemporary spirit. A combination of historical significance, modern amenities, and community engagement makes Fredericksburg a fitting conclusion to our list of best places to live in Virginia.


Virginia, with its rich tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty, offers a diverse range of living experiences. From bustling urban centers to tranquil countryside retreats, the state caters to a myriad of preferences and lifestyles. Whether you’re seeking an academic hub, a historical haven, or a nature-lover’s paradise, Virginia promises a home that resonates with your heart.

As we’ve explored, each of these fifteen places to live in Virginia brings its unique charm and advantages to the table. Choosing any of them ensures a life enriched by community, opportunity, and the timeless allure of the Old Dominion.

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