20 Most Beautiful Places in Sweden

Sweden is a country renowned for its harmonious blend of cultural landmarks and natural wonders. From the luminous Northern Lights painting the night sky to historic cities filled with tales of old, Sweden offers a rich tapestry of experiences. As we embark on this journey together, we aim to take you through some of the most beautiful places in Sweden, each capturing the heart and soul of this stunning Scandinavian nation.

See Below the List Of the 20 Most Beautiful Places in Sweden;

1. Lapland

Most Beautiful Places in Sweden

Situated in the far north, Lapland is a realm of ethereal beauty. During winters, the skies are painted with the colors of the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights. These celestial displays are the result of charged particles colliding in the Earth’s atmosphere, but to many, it feels like pure magic. Beyond this, Lapland offers a deep dive into the Sami culture, with its reindeer herding traditions and vibrant tales of folklore.


  • Aurora Borealis: Mesmerizing light display during winters.
  • Sami Culture: Experience reindeer herding and traditional Sami events.

Travel Tip: Best time to view the Northern Lights is between September and March.

Nearby Places:

  • Kiruna: 125 miles / 200 kilometers
  • Abisko National Park: 81 miles / 130 kilometers

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2. Stockholm Archipelago

Most Beautiful Places in Sweden

Encompassing over 30,000 islands and islets, the Stockholm Archipelago is a sprawling marine wonderland. As we sail through its intricate waterways, we encounter serene landscapes dotted with rustic cottages, ancient fortresses, and fishing hamlets. This maze of islands is perfect for sailing, fishing, and soaking in the panoramic vistas of Sweden’s east coast.


  • Boating Adventures: Navigate through 30,000 islands.
  • Fishing Villages: Experience the authentic coastal lifestyle.

Travel Tip: Renting a kayak is a fantastic way to explore the archipelago at your own pace.

Nearby Places:

  • Stockholm: 28 miles / 45 kilometers
  • Vaxholm: 20 miles / 32 kilometers

3. Gotland

Most Beautiful Places in Sweden

An island located in the Baltic Sea, Gotland boasts a unique blend of medieval history and scenic beauty. The city of Visby, a UNESCO World Heritage site, showcases cobbled streets, historic walls, and medieval churches. Combine this with Gotland’s pristine beaches, and you have one of the most beautiful places in Sweden.


  • Visby: A UNESCO World Heritage city with a rich medieval heritage.
  • Beaches: Explore stretches of sandy coasts and crystal-clear waters.

Travel Tip: Don’t miss the medieval week in Visby during August, where the entire town goes back in time.

Nearby Places:

  • Farö: 3 miles / 5 kilometers
  • Ljugarn: 29 miles / 47 kilometers

4. Abisko National Park

Most Beautiful Places in Sweden

Nestled within the Arctic Circle, Abisko National Park is a haven for nature enthusiasts. During summer, the phenomenon of the Midnight Sun offers 24 hours of daylight, making it perfect for hiking and exploring. The park, with its pristine lakes and rugged mountain terrain, epitomizes the wild beauty of Swedish Lapland.


  • Midnight Sun: Experience continuous daylight during summers.
  • Hiking Trails: Navigate through diverse landscapes and breathtaking vistas.

Travel Tip: For an unforgettable experience, hike the Kungsleden, Sweden’s most famous long-distance trail.

Nearby Places:

  • Kiruna: 57 miles / 92 kilometers
  • Lapporten: 2 miles / 3 kilometers

5. Visby

a group of houses with trees in the front
Photo by Magnus Jonasson on Unsplash

A jewel on the island of Gotland, Visby takes you on a journey back in time. Enclosed by well-preserved medieval walls, the city boasts cobbled streets, historic ruins, and enchanting wooden buildings. The annual Medieval Week transports visitors to the olden days with knights, jesters, and minstrels enlivening the streets.

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  • Medieval Walls: Walk around the historic fortifications enclosing the city.
  • Medieval Week: A festival reviving the spirit and traditions of the Middle Ages.

Travel Tip: Explore the city on foot to truly experience its charm.

Nearby Places:

  • Gotland Museum: 0.5 miles / 0.8 kilometers
  • Botanical Garden: 1 mile / 1.6 kilometers

6. Drottningholm Palace

Most Beautiful Places in Sweden

A short drive from Stockholm transports us to the opulent world of Drottningholm Palace. As the royal family’s residence, the palace is a reflection of the grandeur and magnificence of Swedish royalty. From its well-maintained Baroque gardens to the intricately designed interiors, it stands as a testament to the country’s rich architectural and artistic heritage.


  • Baroque Gardens: Immaculately designed landscapes that are a treat for the eyes.
  • Theatre: The Drottningholm Court Theatre, which still hosts performances.

Travel Tip: Combine your palace visit with a boat trip from central Stockholm. The ride offers picturesque views and a unique approach to the palace.

Nearby Places:

  • Birka: 26 miles / 42 kilometers
  • Ekerö: 5 miles / 8 kilometers

7. Sarek National Park

Untitled design218 1 20 Most Beautiful Places in Sweden

Located in northern Sweden, Sarek National Park is one of the last untouched wilderness areas in Europe. With its jagged peaks, sweeping valleys, and over 100 glaciers, Sarek is a playground for adventurous souls. This region offers challenging treks and phenomenal views, making it one of the most beautiful places in Sweden for those who wish to embrace the wild.


  • Mountaineering: Over six peaks exceeding 2,000 meters for climbers.
  • Wildlife: Spot reindeer, eagles, and if lucky, the elusive lynx.

Travel Tip: The park is remote with no marked trails or accommodations. Proper preparation and equipment are essential.

Nearby Places:

  • Stora Sjöfallet: 20 miles / 32 kilometers
  • Jokkmokk: 60 miles / 96 kilometers

8. Kosterhavet National Park

Untitled design219 20 Most Beautiful Places in Sweden

Sweden’s first marine national park, Kosterhavet, is a marine wonderland. Located near the Norwegian border, this park houses a variety of unique marine species, some of which are not found anywhere else in Sweden. Snorkeling and diving here offer a chance to witness the vibrant undersea life in its unspoiled habitat.


  • Marine Biodiversity: Home to unique species like the rare lobster.
  • Koster Islands: Sandy beaches, coastal meadows, and charming villages.

Travel Tip: Rent a bicycle on the Koster Islands and explore the scenic beauty at a relaxed pace.

Nearby Places:

  • Strömstad: 10 miles / 16 kilometers
  • Tjärnö: 6 miles / 10 kilometers

9. Öland

Untitled design220 20 Most Beautiful Places in Sweden

Linked to the mainland by a bridge, Öland is the second-largest island in Sweden. The island’s diverse landscapes range from sandy beaches to limestone plateaus. The ancient windmills, wooden cottages, and the Stora Alvaret, a UNESCO World Heritage limestone plain, together make Öland a compelling destination.


  • Stora Alvaret: A unique limestone plain with rich biodiversity.
  • Windmills: The iconic structures dotting the landscape.

Travel Tip: Visit during autumn to witness the bird migration at Ottenby Nature Reserve, a spectacular natural event.

Nearby Places:

  • Kalmar: 7 miles / 11 kilometers (via the bridge)
  • Borgholm: 16 miles / 26 kilometers

10. Gothenburg’s Archipelago

Untitled design221 20 Most Beautiful Places in Sweden

On Sweden’s west coast lies the Gothenburg Archipelago, a cluster of islands devoid of cars, but rich in charm. Fishing villages with wooden huts, rugged cliffs, and serene beaches define these islands. With convenient ferries, hopping between these islands offers an authentic taste of the Swedish coastal way of life.


  • Seal Safaris: Boat trips offering close encounters with seals.
  • Island Hopping: Explore the diverse character of each island.

Travel Tip: While on the island of Styrsö, climb the viewpoint at Stora Rös for panoramic vistas of the archipelago.

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Nearby Places:

  • Gothenburg: 15 miles / 24 kilometers
  • Marstrand: 28 miles / 45 kilometers

11. Uppsala

Untitled design222 20 Most Beautiful Places in Sweden

Uppsala, a mere stone’s throw from Stockholm, resonates with academic prowess and historic depth. It houses Scandinavia’s oldest university, making the city a bustling hub of youth and innovation. Beyond this, the grand Uppsala Cathedral and the ancient burial mounds remind visitors of its deep historical roots.


  • Uppsala Cathedral: Scandinavia’s largest church building.
  • Gustavianum: The university museum displaying artifacts and ancient Nordic history.

Travel Tip: Attend a student recital or choir performance at the university for an authentic Uppsala experience.

Nearby Places:

  • Gamla Uppsala: 3 miles / 5 kilometers
  • Sigtuna: 25 miles / 40 kilometers

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12. The Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi

Untitled design223 20 Most Beautiful Places in Sweden

Carved anew each winter, the Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi is more than just a place to stay; it’s an art project and a testament to human creativity. Artists from across the globe sculpt rooms and suites from ice, providing guests an unparalleled experience of sleeping in a sub-zero environment, making it one of the most beautiful places in Sweden.


  • Ice Art: Each room is an individual masterpiece, intricately designed by international artists.
  • Snow Activities: Engage in snowmobile tours, dog sledding, and Northern Lights sightings.

Travel Tip: Even if you choose not to stay overnight, consider taking a guided tour to admire the architecture and art.

Nearby Places:

  • Kiruna: 12 miles / 20 kilometers
  • Abisko National Park: 58 miles / 93 kilometers

13. Lund

Untitled design224 20 Most Beautiful Places in Sweden

A city where history and modernity meet, Lund, is characterized by its cobblestone streets, the magnificent Lund Cathedral, and the vibrant student community of Lund University. As one of the oldest cities in Sweden, its charm lies in its blend of medieval buildings and the dynamic atmosphere brought by the youth.


  • Lund Cathedral: Famous for its astronomical clock and ancient crypt.
  • Kulturen: An open-air museum showcasing over two centuries of Swedish history.

Travel Tip: Visit during the ‘Walpurgis Night’ on the last day of April to see students celebrating the arrival of spring.

Nearby Places:

  • Malmö: 11 miles / 18 kilometers
  • Skrylle Nature Reserve: 7 miles / 11 kilometers

14. Marstrand

Untitled design225 20 Most Beautiful Places in Sweden

Often termed as the sailing capital of Sweden, Marstrand is an island rich in maritime traditions, historic significance, and natural beauty. The Marstrand Fortress stands as a sentinel to the town’s vibrant past, while the waterfront bustles with activity, especially during the summer regattas.


  • Carlsten Fortress: A historic stronghold offering panoramic views of the island.
  • Sailing: Marstrand is a hub for maritime events and yacht competitions.

Travel Tip: Visit during the Marstrand Regatta, but book accommodations in advance as the island gets packed during the event.

Nearby Places:

  • Gothenburg: 28 miles / 45 kilometers
  • Tjörn: 14 miles / 22 kilometers

15. The High Coast

Untitled design226 20 Most Beautiful Places in Sweden

A UNESCO World Heritage site, the High Coast offers a unique blend of elevated coastline, deep forests, and the clear blue waters of the Gulf of Bothnia. It’s a haven for hikers with trails that provide sweeping views of the stunning landscapes, making it undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Sweden.


  • Höga Kusten Bridge: An architectural marvel connecting the coastal regions.
  • Skuleskogen National Park: A paradise for trekkers with diverse landscapes.

Travel Tip: The High Coast is especially beautiful during autumn when the foliage turns to shades of gold and red.

Nearby Places:

  • Örnsköldsvik: 24 miles / 39 kilometers
  • Docksta: 6 miles / 10 kilometers

16. Malmö

Untitled design228 20 Most Beautiful Places in Sweden

The gateway to Sweden from the south, Malmö is a blend of the old and the new. A city that has transformed over the years, it now stands as a symbol of modernity with its skyscrapers and contemporary architecture, while still preserving its historic charm through its squares, old buildings, and the iconic Turning Torso.

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  • Turning Torso: Scandinavia’s tallest building, a masterpiece of modern architecture.
  • Old Town: Cobbled streets, historic buildings, and vibrant squares that tell tales of Malmö’s past.

Travel Tip: Enjoy a leisurely bike ride around the city. Malmö is known for its bike-friendly avenues and has a plethora of parks to explore.

Nearby Places:

  • Lund: 11 miles / 18 kilometers
  • Copenhagen, Denmark: Via the Øresund Bridge, 18 miles / 29 kilometers

17. The Gota Canal

Untitled design229 20 Most Beautiful Places in Sweden

Often referred to as the “Blue Ribbon of Sweden”, the Gota Canal is a historic waterway that connects Gothenburg on the west coast to Stockholm on the east. Cruising along this canal, one can experience the heart of Sweden as it meanders through lush landscapes, passing charming towns and a series of locks.


  • Lock Systems: Witness the engineering marvel of multiple lock systems, especially at Berg and Trollhättan.
  • Cruise Experience: Take a leisurely journey to enjoy Sweden’s picturesque countryside.

Travel Tip: Opt for a classic steamship cruise on the canal for a vintage and authentic experience.

Nearby Places:

  • Linköping: 40 miles / 64 kilometers
  • Jönköping: 56 miles / 90 kilometers

18. The Royal Palace in Stockholm

Untitled design230 20 Most Beautiful Places in Sweden

Located in the heart of Stockholm, the Royal Palace is one of the largest palaces in Europe and the official residence of the Swedish monarch. With its baroque and rococo style, it stands as a testament to Sweden’s royal history. It’s not just a royal residence; it’s also a bustling site of offices, receptions, and official ceremonies.


  • State Apartments: A look into the opulence of the monarchy with lavish rooms and art collections.
  • Changing of the Guard: A daily military ceremony that is a visual spectacle.

Travel Tip: Don’t miss the three museums within the palace: the Treasury with the regalia, the Kronor Museum that portrays the palace’s medieval history, and Gustav III’s Museum of Antiquities.

Nearby Places:

  • Gamla Stan (Old Town): 0.5 miles / 0.8 kilometers
  • Vasa Museum: 2 miles / 3.2 kilometers

19. Kiruna

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Lying within the Arctic Circle, Kiruna stands as Sweden’s northernmost city. While it’s famous for its iron ore mines, what truly attracts visitors is the enchanting beauty of its surroundings. From the midnight sun to polar nights, Kiruna is a place of extreme contrasts and natural wonders.


  • Kiruna Church: An architectural gem and one of Sweden’s largest wooden buildings.
  • Icehotel: Just outside Kiruna, offering a surreal experience of staying within rooms made of ice.

Travel Tip: Plan a visit during winter for a chance to witness the Northern Lights. The clear skies of Kiruna offer some of the best views.

Nearby Places:

  • Jukkasjärvi: 12 miles / 19 kilometers
  • Abisko National Park: 58 miles / 93 kilometers

20. Stora Sjöfallet National Park

Kiruna1 20 Most Beautiful Places in Sweden

Nestled in the north of Sweden, the Stora Sjöfallet National Park is a mosaic of mountains, valleys, lakes, and rivers. The park, one of the most beautiful places in Sweden, serves as a refuge for various fauna including reindeer, brown bears, and moose.


  • Stuor Muorkke: One of the country’s highest peaks offering panoramic views.
  • Laitaure Delta: A picturesque spot with meandering rivers and rich biodiversity.

Travel Tip: Consider hiring a Sami guide to explore the park. Their local knowledge and insights into the traditional way of life add depth to the experience.

Nearby Places:

  • Gällivare: 45 miles / 72 kilometers
  • Sarek National Park: 20 miles / 32 kilometers

In conclusion, the myriad of experiences that Sweden offers can seldom be encapsulated in words. The country’s diverse landscapes, intertwined with its rich history and culture, make it a treasure trove for travelers. From the dance of the Northern Lights in Lapland to the historic streets of Visby, from the bustling city life of Stockholm to the serene waterways of the Gota Canal, Sweden promises memories that will last a lifetime.

As we’ve journeyed through the most beautiful places in Sweden, it is our hope that this guide inspires wanderlust and a deep appreciation for the wonders that this Scandinavian nation holds. Whether you’re an adventurer, a history buff, or someone seeking tranquillity, Sweden awaits with open arms and endless possibilities. Safe travels!

Traveling isn’t just about places, it’s about experiences. I’m Sachin, curating unique tales of exploration at Voyage Roams. Journey with me!

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