The 10 Least Expensive European Countries for Living

As the world becomes more interconnected, the possibility of living and working abroad has become a reality for many. However, the cost of living can significantly vary across different regions. Europe, known for its rich history, diverse cultures, and beautiful landscapes, is a desirable destination for many. But not all European countries are created equal when it comes to living costs. Today, we’ll dive into the 10 least expensive European countries for living.

Understanding the Cost of Living

The cost of living is a practical concept that relates to the amount of money needed to sustain a certain lifestyle in a given place. This involves several factors, such as housing, food, taxes, healthcare, and transportation costs. In Europe, these costs can greatly vary, with Western European countries typically being more expensive than Eastern ones.

Criteria for Our Ranking

When determining the least expensive countries in Europe, we’ll be focusing on the following criteria:

Cost of Accommodation

The largest portion of your monthly budget is likely to go to rent or mortgage payments. Therefore, this is one of the most important factors when evaluating living costs.

Cost of Food

Food is another significant expense. We’ll look at average costs of groceries and dining out.

Healthcare Cost

Even if you’re healthy, healthcare can be a significant expense. We’ll consider both out-of-pocket costs and insurance premiums.

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Cost of Transportation

Whether you’re driving, using public transportation, or cycling, transportation costs can add up, especially if you’re commuting to work.

The 10 Least Expensive European Countries

Let’s dive into our ranking. Here are the ten least expensive European countries for living:


houses near body of water during daytime
Photo by Neven Myst on Unsplash

With low costs of living across all our criteria, Bulgaria takes the top spot. The cost of food and accommodation in this country is among the lowest in Europe, while healthcare services are also reasonably affordable.


city buildings near body of water during daytime
Photo by Ljubomir Žarković on Unsplash

Serbia is known for its friendly people and rich culture. The cost of living here is quite low, with very affordable food and transportation.


white and brown concrete building surrounded by green trees under blue sky during daytime
Photo by CALIN STAN on Unsplash

Romania offers beautiful landscapes, vibrant cities, and one of the lowest costs of living in Europe. The prices for healthcare and food are significantly lower than the European average.

North Macedonia

aerial view of houses on mountain
Photo by Ljupco Dzambazovski on Unsplash

This small Balkan country is one of Europe’s hidden gems. The cost of living in North Macedonia is quite low, especially when it comes to accommodation and food.


gjirokastër, albania, city
Photo by 5075933 on Pixabay

Albania offers a Mediterranean lifestyle at a fraction of the cost. It’s one of the cheapest countries in Europe for living, with particularly low costs for food and accommodation.


river, buildings, street
Photo by OleksandrPidvalnyi on Pixabay

Despite political instability, Ukraine has very low living costs. From affordable healthcare to cheap public transportation, Ukraine could be an option for budget-conscious expats.


gdańsk, street, townhouses
Photo by gosiak1980 on Pixabay

Poland offers a mix of old-world charm and modern conveniences. The cost of living, particularly food and transportation, is quite affordable compared to other European countries.


Traffic Jam Along River Bank
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

Known for its thermal baths and rich history, Hungary also boasts a low cost of living. Accommodation, healthcare, and food costs are all lower than the European average.

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latvia, riga, daugava
Photo by Makalu on Pixabay

In Latvia, one can enjoy beautiful nature and lively cities at a relatively low cost. The cost of food, accommodation, and healthcare is quite reasonable.


lithuania, vilnius, churches
Photo by jackmac34 on Pixabay

Lithuania, a country with a unique culture and beautiful nature, also offers a lower-than-average cost of living. The costs for food, healthcare, and accommodation are quite low compared to other European countries.

Europe offers a wide range of living costs, with Eastern Europe generally being more affordable than the West. By understanding the factors that contribute to these costs, you can make an informed decision about where to live. Remember, the cheapest country might not necessarily be the best for you, and it’s essential to consider other factors such as lifestyle, job opportunities, and overall quality of life. After all, life is not just about saving money, but also about living it to the fullest!

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