19 Best Things to Do in Miami Beach

Miami Beach, often recognized as one of the most exhilarating destinations in the United States, offers a plethora of activities that can cater to visitors of every inclination. With its iconic shoreline, historic architecture, a rich tapestry of cultures, and a nightlife that is arguably second to none, there’s no dearth of things to do in Miami Beach. As we dive into the top 19 experiences, you will discover that Miami Beach is not just about the beaches but also about the vibrant life that thrums within its boundaries.

See The List Below For The 19 Things to Do in Miami Beach;

1. Explore the Iconic Ocean Drive

Things to Do in Miami Beach

Nothing speaks louder about Miami Beach than the iconic Ocean Drive. As you walk down this bustling street, the vibrant Art Deco architecture that has defined Miami Beach’s aesthetic for decades is prominently on display. Built during the 1920s and 30s, these pastel-colored buildings are a testament to the city’s rich history and cultural heritage. Restaurants and cafes line the pavements, offering a perfect spot for people-watching or simply enjoying the view. When considering things to do in Miami Beach, a stroll down Ocean Drive, especially during sunset, is an absolute must.


  • Historic Art Deco district
  • Bustling street with a lively atmosphere
  • Perfect for sunset strolls

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2. Soak Up the Sun at South Beach

Things to Do in Miami Beach

Known globally for its pristine white sands and azure waters, South Beach is a paradise for sunbathers and beach enthusiasts. The rhythmic beats from nearby clubs, the sun worshippers dotting the coastline, and the vibrant lifeguard stands, each painted in different hues, add to its charm. As one of the most popular things to do in Miami Beach, it’s essential to find your spot early, lay down your beach mat, and bask in the warm embrace of the sun.


  • Pristine beaches
  • Vibrant atmosphere with rhythmic beats
  • Colorful lifeguard stands

3. Experience the Vibrant Nightlife at Popular Miami Beach Clubs

Things to Do in Miami Beach

Nightlife in Miami Beach is legendary. Clubs and bars come alive with beats that reverberate into the early hours of the morning. Whether you’re into Latin beats, electronic dance music, or live bands, there’s something for every nocturnal soul. Clubs like LIV, The Electric Pickle, and Club Space have hosted world-renowned DJs and have become iconic spots for night owls. It’s easy to see why exploring the nightlife is among the top things to do in Miami Beach.


  • World-class clubs
  • Diverse music genres
  • Electric atmosphere

4. Dine at World-Class Restaurants

Things to Do in Miami Beach
Puerto Sagua Cuban Restaurant – Miami Beach, FL” by ChrisGoldNY is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Miami Beach’s culinary scene is as diverse as its inhabitants. The city offers a smorgasbord of dining options, from upscale restaurants serving gourmet dishes to small eateries offering local delicacies. The fresh seafood, influenced by the city’s coastal location, and the Cuban sandwiches, influenced by the city’s rich Latino culture, are a must-try. Dining at these world-class establishments is not just about the food; it’s about the experience, ambiance, and the stories they tell, making it one of the memorable things to do in Miami Beach.

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  • Fresh seafood options
  • Rich Latino influenced dishes
  • Ambient dining experiences

5. Stroll through the Miami Beach Botanical Garden

Things to Do in Miami Beach
Miami Beach Botanical Garden 3” by leoncillo sabino is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Stepping into the Miami Beach Botanical Garden is akin to entering an urban oasis. Spanning across 2.6 acres, this verdant sanctuary boasts tropical plants, flowering trees, and serene water features. Amid the bustle of the city, this garden offers a tranquil escape for nature lovers. The Japanese garden is a visitor’s favorite, with its Koi pond, cascading waterfalls, and meticulously pruned bonsai trees. Attending one of their guided tours can provide insightful information about the diverse flora inhabiting the garden. For those seeking a calm retreat, visiting this botanical haven ranks high among the things to do in Miami Beach.


  • Sprawling 2.6-acre garden
  • Stunning Japanese garden and Koi pond
  • Insightful guided tours

6. Shop at the Stylish Lincoln Road Mall

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Former Cadillac Showroom Lincoln Road Mall” by Phillip Pessar is licensed under CC BY 2.0

A paradise for shopaholics, Lincoln Road Mall, is Miami Beach’s premier shopping destination. This pedestrian-only promenade brims with boutique stores, art galleries, and designer brands. As you wander through the mall, street performers entertain, and alfresco dining options beckon with their culinary delights. From luxury brands to unique artisan shops, there’s something to satisfy every shopping whim. To indulge in some retail therapy, hitting up the Lincoln Road Mall is among the recommended things to do in Miami Beach.


  • Pedestrian-only shopping haven
  • Eclectic mix of brands and boutiques
  • Lively street performances and alfresco dining

7. Dive into History at the Jewish Museum of Florida

280d5ca5 3788 4530 bf66 0e086e5bf103 19 Best Things to Do in Miami Beach
Jewish Museum Of Florida” by Phillip Pessar is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Preserving and showcasing the rich Jewish heritage of Florida, the Jewish Museum stands as a testament to the community’s contributions to the state. Housed in two restored synagogues, the museum offers a comprehensive collection of photographs, artifacts, and documents. The stunning stained-glass windows and Moorish revival architecture captivate visitors. Exhibits span from the immigration era to the present day, painting a detailed narrative of Jewish life in Florida. For history buffs and curious minds, visiting this museum is an enriching experience and undoubtedly one of the things to do in Miami Beach.


  • Insight into Florida’s Jewish heritage
  • Restored synagogue with mesmerizing architecture
  • Comprehensive exhibits spanning centuries

8. Get Cultured at The Bass Contemporary Art Museum

For art aficionados, The Bass is a haven of contemporary art. Located in the historic heart of Miami Beach, this museum showcases international contemporary art, design, and fashion. Rotating exhibitions ensure that there’s always something new to discover. From sculptures and paintings to digital media, the vast collection captivates and challenges perceptions. Engaging workshops and programs cater to all ages, making it a cultural hub in the city. To immerse oneself in avant-garde artistic expressions, visiting The Bass is a quintessential addition to the list of things to do in Miami Beach.


  • Hub of international contemporary art
  • Rotating exhibitions for fresh perspectives
  • Array of workshops and programs

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9. Join a Water Sports Adventure

image 3 19 Best Things to Do in Miami Beach

The azure waters of Miami Beach beckon adventure enthusiasts to plunge into an array of water sports. From the adrenaline rush of jet skiing to the tranquility of paddleboarding during sunset, there’s an aquatic activity for every thrill level. Companies like Miami Watersports offer kite surfing lessons, parasailing, and flyboarding, ensuring safety while maximizing fun. For those looking to explore the underwater world, scuba diving and snorkeling provide a glimpse into the vibrant marine life. Engaging in these exhilarating water activities is undeniably one of the most exciting things to do in Miami Beach.

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  • Array of water sports for every thrill-seeker
  • Spectacular views during parasailing
  • Dive into the vibrant marine world with scuba and snorkeling

10. Attend the Miami Beach Film Festival (if in season)

image 4 19 Best Things to Do in Miami Beach

The cultural tapestry of Miami Beach is incomplete without the reference to its celebrated film festivals. The Miami Beach Film Festival is a highlight in the city’s calendar, showcasing a mix of international, national, and local films. From documentaries that stir deep emotions to indie films that challenge mainstream narratives, the festival is a haven for cinema enthusiasts. Additionally, the event frequently hosts workshops, director Q&A sessions, and red carpet events, providing unique opportunities to mingle with the filmmaking community. Marking the festival in your itinerary is a non-negotiable when considering the cultural things to do in Miami Beach.


  • Showcase of diverse film genres and origins
  • Unique networking events and workshops
  • Vibrant atmosphere with passionate film enthusiasts

11. Discover the Hidden Espanola Way

image 5 19 Best Things to Do in Miami Beach

Tucked away from the usual hustle and bustle, Espanola Way is a historic Spanish-inspired enclave teeming with charm. The cobblestone streets, lined with Mediterranean Revival Style structures, transport visitors to a European village. Here, you can find quaint boutiques, art galleries, and an array of restaurants serving everything from tapas to gelato. Evening visits are particularly enchanting, with the street coming alive with music, dance, and open-air dining under fairy lights. A visit to this hidden gem surely ranks amongst the romantic things to do in Miami Beach.


  • Historic Spanish-inspired architecture
  • Bustling nightlife and dining options
  • Atmospheric evening setting with live music

12. Take a Guided Architecture Tour

Miami Beach is not just about sun and surf; it’s a canvas painted with diverse architectural wonders. From the Art Deco facades of Ocean Drive to the MiMo (Miami Modern) styles in the North Beach, there’s a story etched into every building. Guided architectural tours offer deep dives into the history, design, and cultural significance of these structures. Walking through the city, with expert narration, one appreciates the intricate details and design philosophies that make Miami Beach’s skyline unique. When pondering the educational things to do in Miami Beach, an architecture tour tops the list.


  • Dive into the Art Deco and MiMo styles
  • Expert-guided narration and insights
  • Understand the cultural evolution through architectural lens

13. Visit the Holocaust Memorial

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Holocaust Memorial South Beach Miami” by Dennis Goedegebuure is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

A poignant reminder of one of history’s darkest chapters, the Holocaust Memorial in Miami Beach is a deeply moving experience. The central sculpture, a giant outstretched arm with numbers reminiscent of those tattooed onto the prisoners in concentration camps, evokes strong emotions. Around it, smaller figures depict the pain and suffering endured. The memorial serves as a place for reflection, remembrance, and education, ensuring that the atrocities are never forgotten. For a moment of introspection and to pay respects, visiting the Holocaust Memorial is a solemn and essential activity amongst the things to do in Miami Beach.


  • Emotion-evoking sculptures and design
  • A place for reflection and remembrance
  • Educational panels detailing the Holocaust history

14. Enjoy Live Performances at The Fillmore Miami Beach

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TV on the Radio at Fillmore, Miami Beach 10/25/11” by Rock Cousteau is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

For live entertainment aficionados, The Fillmore is a mecca. Situated within the historic Jackie Gleason Theatre, this venue has hosted a plethora of renowned artists and bands. The Art Deco design, coupled with state-of-the-art acoustics, makes every performance an unforgettable experience. From rock concerts and jazz nights to theatrical performances and comedy shows, The Fillmore offers a diverse calendar catering to varied tastes. Booking a show here is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining things to do in Miami Beach.

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  • Historic venue with Art Deco charm
  • Stellar acoustics for an immersive experience
  • Diverse line-up of performances and artists

15. Relax with Spa Treatments at a Luxury Hotel

image 6 19 Best Things to Do in Miami Beach

Miami Beach isn’t just about outdoor adventures and cultural explorations; it’s also a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation. The city boasts numerous luxury hotels, each offering world-class spa treatments designed to pamper and refresh. Whether you desire a deep tissue massage overlooking the azure waters or a rejuvenating facial using organic ingredients, Miami Beach has got you covered. The Spa at The Setai, for instance, offers treatments inspired by ancient Asian traditions combined with modern techniques. Prioritizing a spa day is one of the most serene things to do in Miami Beach, ensuring you return from your vacation truly refreshed.


  • Luxurious spa treatments with ocean views
  • A mix of traditional and modern therapies
  • World-renowned spa establishments like The Setai

16. Embark on a Yacht Cruise around Star Island

image 8 19 Best Things to Do in Miami Beach

Elevate your Miami Beach experience by taking to the waters on a lavish yacht cruise around Star Island. Known for its millionaire mansions and celebrity homes, Star Island offers a glimpse into the opulent lifestyles of the rich and famous. Many tours provide detailed commentary on the history of the island and anecdotes about its residents. As you glide through the shimmering waters, sipping on a cocktail and basking in the warm sun, you’ll realize why this is one of the most sought-after things to do in Miami Beach.


  • Views of millionaire mansions and opulent estates
  • Insightful commentary on Star Island’s residents
  • A luxurious experience on Miami’s waters

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17. Sample Local Dishes at a Miami Beach Food Festival

Miami Beach is a melting pot of cultures, and nowhere is this diversity more evident than in its culinary landscape. Throughout the year, the city hosts numerous food festivals celebrating various cuisines. From the aromatic spices of Latino dishes to the fresh seafood delicacies from the Atlantic, these festivals are a gastronomic delight. Participating in food-tasting events, watching live cooking demonstrations, or simply indulging in street food can be a delightful experience. For foodies, attending one such festival should be high on the list of things to do in Miami Beach.


  • A celebration of Miami Beach’s culinary diversity
  • Live cooking demonstrations by renowned chefs
  • Taste-test an array of dishes and flavors

18. Take a Dip at the Venetian Pool

image 9 19 Best Things to Do in Miami Beach

While Miami Beach is renowned for its oceanfront, there’s a hidden gem that offers a unique aquatic experience: The Venetian Pool. Carved from a coral rock quarry in 1923, this historic pool is transformed into a Venetian lagoon replete with waterfalls, caves, and stone bridges. The freshwater pool, sourced from artesian wells, offers a refreshing dip unlike any other. Surrounded by palm trees and loggias, this pool transports you to an Italian oasis. For those seeking a unique swimming experience, visiting the Venetian Pool is one of the must-do things to do in Miami Beach.


  • Historic pool carved from coral rock
  • Venetian lagoon aesthetics with waterfalls and caves
  • Refreshing freshwater sourced from artesian wells

19. Participate in a Miami Beach Yoga Retreat

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For individuals seeking a harmonious blend of mind, body, and spirit, Miami Beach offers numerous yoga retreats that promise rejuvenation. These retreats, often nestled in serene settings, provide a backdrop of the expansive ocean and sky, setting the stage for a transcendent experience. Miami Beach’s yoga community is thriving, with several studios and resorts offering packages that include meditation sessions, vegan meals, and holistic wellness therapies. Engaging in a session of sunrise or sunset yoga on the beach, feeling the gentle sea breeze, and listening to the rhythmic ebb and flow of waves is undoubtedly one of the most soul-soothing things to do in Miami Beach.


  • Picturesque settings for yoga sessions
  • Comprehensive wellness packages
  • Thriving yoga community offering diverse experiences


As we conclude our journey through Miami Beach’s top attractions and activities, it’s evident that this destination offers far more than just sun, sand, and sea. From its rich historical tapestry and architectural marvels to its diverse culinary delights and vibrant nightlife, Miami Beach promises an experience that’s both diverse and unforgettable. Whether you’re an adventurer, a culture enthusiast, a foodie, or someone seeking relaxation, you’ll find that the myriad things to do in Miami Beach cater to every whim and fancy. We invite you to explore, immerse, and create lasting memories in this iconic city.

Traveling isn’t just about places, it’s about experiences. I’m Sachin, curating unique tales of exploration at Voyage Roams. Journey with me!

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