Top Mysterious Islands Uncovered - Have a look at some of the top one's

By Voyage Roams

November 1,, 2023

Mysterious Islands Uncovered

There are a lot of mysterious islands across the world that are connected to ancient civilizations and are away from the modern world.

Komodo Island

The island is located at Indonesian Archipelago and is home to largest lizards on earth named Komodo Dragons from this the name is derived.

Easter Island

The is also known as the island of statues and is located in Polynesia. It is believed that the status over there are from time period between 13th-15th century


It's an desert like island located between Somalia & Yemen. It is believed that this continent floated away when they were forming.

IIha da Queimada Grande

This island is located in Brazil and is known as island of snakes due to the various venomous snakes present in this region.

Mysterious Islands Uncovered

There are a lot of historical significance related to some of these islands and there are stories and myths related to each.

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