21 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in New Zealand

When it comes to picturesque landscapes and unrivaled natural beauty, few destinations rival New Zealand. This island nation in the South Pacific offers a blend of indigenous Maori culture, stunning landscapes, and a rich film history that attracts tourists from all corners of the globe. Here, we delve into the 21 most breathtaking places to visit in New Zealand.

See The List below For The 21 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in New Zealand;

1. The Bay of Islands

Beautiful Places to Visit in New Zealand

The Bay of Islands, often referred to as the “Winterless North”, boasts 144 islands with an enchanting marine paradise teeming with dolphins, whales, and big-game fishing. It’s not just a haven for sea lovers; the history aficionados find solace in the Maori cultural experiences and the colonial towns like Russell. From its tranquil sandy beaches to the exhilarating water sports, this is undeniably one of the top places to visit in New Zealand for adventure and relaxation.


  • Dolphin-watching tours
  • Paihia exploration
  • Historical Russell

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2. Auckland’s Sky Tower

Beautiful Places to Visit in New Zealand

Dominating the city’s skyline, the Auckland Sky Tower stands as the tallest freestanding structure in the Southern Hemisphere. Visitors can relish panoramic vistas of up to 80 kilometers from the observation decks. If you’re daring enough, engage in the SkyWalk or SkyJump, giving adrenaline junkies a thrilling way to appreciate the city. With eateries that offer splendid views, it’s also a gastronomical adventure. For anyone visiting the country, Auckland’s Sky Tower is among the places to visit in New Zealand that promises both exhilaration and awe.


  • SkyWalk adventure
  • Orbit 360° dining experience
  • Panoramic city views

3. Waitomo Glowworm Caves

Beautiful Places to Visit in New Zealand

Delve deep into the earth’s crust and you’ll find yourself in a starry wonderland, except here the stars are bioluminescent glowworms. The Waitomo Glowworm Caves, with its shimmering blue lights, feels like another world. As you embark on boat tours, you glide through these sparkling caves silently, with only the gentle glow guiding your way. A testament to the marvels of nature, it’s one of those magical places to visit in New Zealand that etches into your memory.


  • Boat rides under glowworm stars
  • Blackwater rafting
  • Guided walking tours

4. Rotorua’s Geothermal Wonderland

Beautiful Places to Visit in New Zealand

Rotorua’s Geothermal Wonderland serves as nature’s spa. With its bubbling mud pools, geysers shooting up to the skies, and the unmistakable scent of sulphur, it’s a sensory experience like no other. Visitors can learn about the Maori culture and witness the unique combination of geothermal wonders alongside cultural performances. It’s a vivid representation of what makes New Zealand so exceptional and firmly cements its place among the top places to visit in New Zealand.

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  • Pohutu Geyser
  • Maori cultural performances
  • Mud spa treatments

5. Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Beautiful Places to Visit in New Zealand

Touted as one of New Zealand’s premier day hikes, the Tongariro Alpine Crossing presents trekkers with a terrain that looks straight out of a fantasy novel. The 19.4-kilometer track winds past Mount Ngauruhoe and Mount Tongariro, presenting a surreal landscape of craters, bright emerald lakes, and steam vents. With its rich Maori cultural significance and dramatic volcanic landscapes, it’s undeniably one of the best places to visit in New Zealand for trekking enthusiasts.


  • Emerald Lakes
  • Mount Ngauruhoe, aka “Mount Doom”
  • Ketetahi Hot Springs

6. Abel Tasman National Park

Beautiful Places to Visit in New Zealand

Golden beaches, turquoise waters, and dense forests make Abel Tasman National Park an idyllic coastal paradise. Whether you’re kayaking in the gentle waves, hiking on its coastal tracks, or simply sunbathing on its pristine beaches, the park offers a slice of coastal heaven. Its diverse landscape, replete with flora and fauna, makes it a haven for nature lovers, and easily one of the most beautiful places to visit in New Zealand.


  • Kayaking adventures
  • Seal and dolphin spotting
  • Coastal track hiking

7. Franz Josef Glacier

Beautiful Places to Visit in New Zealand

Franz Josef Glacier, one of the world’s most accessible glaciers, is a dynamic river of solid ice moving through the heart of a rainforest. The juxtaposition of ice against lush greenery makes it an unparalleled spectacle. Embark on a guided ice walk or take a scenic helicopter ride to truly comprehend its grandeur. Its ever-evolving icy landscape, combined with its accessibility, makes it one of the most sought-after places to visit in New Zealand.


  • Guided glacier hikes
  • Helicopter tours with snow landings
  • Nearby hot pools for relaxation

8. Milford Sound

Untitled design45 1 21 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in New Zealand

Located within Fiordland National Park, Milford Sound is often referred to as the “Eighth Wonder of the World”. Towering peaks jut out of deep blue waters while waterfalls cascade from staggering heights. Cruising the fjord, one is often graced by the presence of dolphins, seals, and even the occasional penguin. Whether you’re witnessing it under a clear sky or during a misty rainfall, Milford Sound remains one of the most mesmerizing places to visit in New Zealand.


  • Mitre Peak’s towering presence
  • Scenic cruises in the fjord
  • The dramatic Bowen Falls

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9. Queenstown: The Adventure Capital

Untitled design46 1 21 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in New Zealand

Nestled alongside the serene Lake Wakatipu and set against the backdrop of majestic peaks, Queenstown isn’t just a treat for the eyes but also an adrenaline junkie’s paradise. Often hailed as the “Adventure Capital of the World”, here you can indulge in bungee jumping, skiing, jet boating, and much more. But if adrenaline isn’t your call, you can savor its renowned wine and dine scene. Queenstown effortlessly weaves nature’s tranquility with adventure, making it a top pick among places to visit in New Zealand.


  • The iconic AJ Hackett Bungee Jump
  • Wine tours in Central Otago
  • Winter sports at The Remarkables and Coronet Peak

10. The Coromandel Peninsula

Untitled design47 1 21 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in New Zealand

A haven for beach lovers, The Coromandel Peninsula is famed for its white and golden sand beaches, lush forests, and a laid-back vibe. One of its crowning jewels, Cathedral Cove, is a marine reserve accessible only on foot or by boat, offering pristine waters for snorkeling and diving. Then there’s Hot Water Beach where visitors can dig their natural spa pool in the sand. Truly, The Coromandel is one of those places to visit in New Zealand where nature’s wonders are at your fingertips.

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  • Snorkeling at Cathedral Cove
  • Digging personal hot pools at Hot Water Beach
  • Driving the scenic Pacific Coast Highway

11. Aoraki / Mount Cook National Park

Untitled design48 1 21 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in New Zealand

Home to the country’s tallest mountain, Aoraki / Mount Cook National Park is a mountaineer’s dream come true. But it isn’t just for climbers. With its turquoise lakes, alpine meadows, and starry nights, it appeals to all. The park is part of the Dark Sky Reserve, making stargazing a surreal experience. For those seeking to understand the essence of New Zealand’s South Island, this park stands as one of the must-visit places to visit in New Zealand.


  • Stargazing in the Dark Sky Reserve
  • Trekking the Hooker Valley Track
  • Encounters at the Sir Edmund Hillary Alpine Centre

12. Hobbiton Movie Set

Untitled design49 1 21 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in New Zealand

The pastoral beauty of the Shire captured the hearts of millions in the “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” trilogies. Today, one can step into this cinematic wonderland at the Hobbiton Movie Set. Roam around the lush green meadows, peek inside the hobbit holes, and end the day with a pint at the Green Dragon Inn. It’s a journey through Middle-Earth, making it one of the most enchanting places to visit in New Zealand for movie enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.


  • Bilbo Baggins’ hobbit hole
  • Evening banquets at the Green Dragon Inn
  • Guided tours detailing film secrets

13. Wellington’s Te Papa Museum

Untitled design50 1 21 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in New Zealand

Te Papa Tongarewa, better known as Te Papa Museum, is New Zealand’s national museum located in its capital, Wellington. It’s an amalgamation of leading-edge design with treasures that share the tales of New Zealand’s unique geological, cultural, and social history. From its rich Maori exhibits to interactive displays on the country’s unique fauna, Te Papa provides a comprehensive glimpse into the nation’s heart and soul, making it one of the pivotal places to visit in New Zealand.


  • The colossal squid display
  • Maori art and treasures
  • Interactive Earthquake House experience

14. Lake Taupo

Untitled design51 1 21 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in New Zealand

A gem in the heart of New Zealand’s North Island, Lake Taupo is the result of a volcanic eruption that took place nearly 26,000 years ago. Today, it stands as the largest lake in the country, offering a plethora of activities like fishing, boating, and even skydiving for the more adventurous. Surrounding the lake, thermal spas and Maori rock carvings enrich the experience, reinforcing Lake Taupo’s place among the most diverse places to visit in New Zealand.


  • World-class trout fishing
  • Maori rock carvings at Mine Bay
  • Relaxing in natural thermal spas

15. Waiheke Island

Untitled design52 1 21 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in New Zealand

A short ferry ride from Auckland lies Waiheke Island, a haven for wine enthusiasts and beachgoers. With its eclectic blend of vineyards and beaches, it’s the perfect spot for those seeking a relaxed getaway. Sample exquisite wines, stroll on sandy shores, or dive into art galleries and olive groves. Waiheke Island offers an idyllic escape, easily making it one of the top places to visit in New Zealand.

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  • Wine tasting tours across multiple vineyards
  • Artistic endeavors at local galleries
  • Ziplining adventures with island views

16. Dunedin’s Otago Peninsula

Untitled design53 1 21 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in New Zealand

Dunedin, with its Scottish heritage, offers a distinctive blend of cultural and natural attractions. The Otago Peninsula, extending from the city, is a wildlife lover’s paradise. Home to rare yellow-eyed penguins, fur seals, and the only mainland albatross colony in the world, it’s a testament to nature’s wonders. Coupled with its historic castles and Victorian architecture, it’s among the must-visit places to visit in New Zealand for a diverse experience.


  • Wildlife tours at Taiaroa Head
  • Larnach Castle’s historical elegance
  • Dunedin’s Victorian and Edwardian architecture

17. Christchurch: The Garden City

Untitled design54 1 21 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in New Zealand

Christchurch, affectionately known as the “Garden City”, is a testament to resilience and rebirth. Having endured devastating earthquakes, today it stands revitalized with contemporary art installations, restored heritage sites, and lush botanical gardens. The Avon River meandering through the city adds to its tranquil charm. With its harmonious blend of the old and new, Christchurch solidifies its position among the must-see places to visit in New Zealand.


  • Punting on the Avon River
  • Exploring the Botanic Gardens
  • Visiting the transitional Cardboard Cathedral

18. The Kaikoura Coast

Untitled design56 21 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in New Zealand

Kaikoura, set between majestic mountains and the depths of the Pacific Ocean, is a marine wonderland. Recognized for its offshore wildlife, visitors can witness sperm whales, orcas, dolphins, and a plethora of seabird species. Beyond its marine offerings, the coastal town provides delicious seafood, particularly crayfish, enhancing its reputation as one of the culinary places to visit in New Zealand.


  • Whale watching tours
  • Dining on fresh crayfish
  • Peninsula walks with ocean views

19. The Waipoua Forest

Untitled design58 21 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in New Zealand

Stepping into the Waipoua Forest is akin to traveling back in time. This ancient forest, home to giant kauri trees, radiates a mystical ambiance. Among its venerable trees stands Tāne Mahuta, the largest kauri, named after the Maori god of forests. These silent sentinels, some over a thousand years old, make Waipoua a sacred spot and one of the more spiritual places to visit in New Zealand.


  • Meeting Tāne Mahuta, the giant kauri tree
  • Guided tours explaining Maori legends
  • Night walks to experience native wildlife

20. Nelson Lakes National Park

Untitled design59 21 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in New Zealand

Nelson Lakes National Park, at the northern tip of New Zealand’s South Island, offers a landscape of clear freshwater lakes, verdant forests, and alpine meadows. Lakes Rotoiti and Rotoroa are the park’s crown jewels, providing scenic spots for picnics, fishing, and boating. The backdrop of snow-capped peaks and the diverse trails make it one of the favored places to visit in New Zealand for nature enthusiasts.


  • Hiking the Lake Rotoiti circuit
  • Spotting native birds like the kea
  • Winter sports and activities

21. Wanaka’s Lone Tree

Untitled design60 21 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in New Zealand

Wanaka, with its serene lake and mountainous horizon, is a retreat for those seeking solace in nature. The most iconic image associated with it is that of the “lone tree of Wanaka”, standing resolute in the waters. Beyond this tranquil sight, Wanaka offers ski fields, hiking trails, and festivals, making it a versatile destination and one of the cherished places to visit in New Zealand.


  • Capturing the famed “lone tree”
  • Skiing at Treble Cone and Cardrona
  • Engaging in the annual Festival of Colour


New Zealand, with its myriad landscapes, cultures, and experiences, is a treasure trove waiting to be explored. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, a nature lover, or someone seeking cultural immersion, there’s something for everyone. Each of the 21 places to visit in New Zealand that we’ve highlighted offers a unique slice of this incredible country, ensuring memories that will last a lifetime.

Traveling isn’t just about places, it’s about experiences. I’m Sachin, curating unique tales of exploration at Voyage Roams. Journey with me!

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